CodeRed Administrator

CodeRed EMS Administrator

The “CodeRed Administrator” is where data from all field units is brought together to produce powerful
administrative reports. Reports such as: Skills, Diversions, CQI, Mutual Aid, BNDD, DEA, Vehicle, Service and
symptom based patient care.


Medical Control and Billing integration

Electronically link CodeRed Administrator to Administrator MD and your medical control now receives your reports just as you see them. This allows an instant review and the ability to address Quality Inspection and Quality Assurance issues in a timely fashion. By reducing the redundant paperwork it is both a time and money saving option

Key Benefits


CodeRed EMS Software is a complete enterprise network solution.
Documentation is one of the most important functions performed by EMS personnel and the most time consuming task required. CodeRed’s Administrator is designed to expedite the process with the most intuitive and user-friendly NEMSIS¬†3 ePCR Solution.