JAGWireless ePCR

JAGWireless ePCR

Allows your Medics the ability to instantly collect pertinent/critical patient data for normal EMS calls,
all via smartphone. This interface follows the same ease of use that your Medics have come to know 
with CodeRed. The Medics can go directly to Patient Information, Pre Existing Conditions, Pt Allergies,
Pt medications or Destination with just a tap on the screen. Alternatively, they can just click on the familiar
“Next” button and walk page by page through every field that’s available.

You control the interface

It doesn’t control you. Basic Patient information such as Age, Gender, or the Patient’s Primary Complaint can be
easily entered. With the addition of the “More” button located at the bottom of the Patient Info page,
Medics can choose to expand on the basic Patient information entered based on the incident.

Key Benefits


Multiple users can be logged into the JAGWireless system at the same time accessing the same report. Allowing one Medic to gather information directly at the Patient’s side, while another is gathering Patient’s medications from another location and yet another can be gathering information from the Patient’s family. A unique hand-held device ePCR Solution offered by MacroLogic, Inc. and CodeRed EMS.