CodeRed Medical Director

CodeRed EMS Medical Director

All the same capabilities as the “CodeRed Administrator” where data from all field units is brought together to produce powerful
administrative reports. Reports such as: Skills, Diversions, CQI, Mutual Aid, BNDD, DEA, Vehicle, Service and
symptom based patient care.

All under your Control

The CodeRed Medical Director allows complete access to all Patient Care Reports under a region’s Medical Control. All Services ePCRs are available for review. You have the ability to see the Hospital Report, any one of multiple excel-like reviews, and to see the Patient Care Report in the same interface the medic’s used to enter it.

Key Benefits

All these features provide the most user-friendly and manageable Medical Control system available. No need to wait for paper reports to arrive.
Critical QA/QI issues are identified quickly or avoided saving valuable time and resources.