EKG Rapid Infuser

EKG Rapid Infuser

CodeRed’s Rapid Infuser is a comprehensive and easy-to-use EKG Monitor infusion system allowing 12-Leads, ECG Strips, Vital Signs, etc.
to be uploaded and attached to a Patient’s ePCR. This integration not only allows for monitor data to be uploaded directly to the Patient report but
also to “attach” the EKG file to the Patient report.


The Importance of Cardiac Data

Too often, paramedics think of the 12-lead ECG as just one of the things to check off the list. “I need to place the patient on oxygen, I need to start an IV, I need to give baby aspirin, I need to give nitroglycerin, I need to get a 12-lead ECG…”

Key Benefits


Sometimes the pre hospital 12-lead ECG is the only evidence that a patient’s chest pain was cardiac in origin! Imagine if this patient never received a pre hospital 12-lead ECG and the cardiac bio markers came back negative.

With CodeRed’s EKG Rapid Infuser this data can be keep for a lifetime and referred to at any time with no deterioration in the quality. Not only can the 12 lead data be kept and reviewed but also all 3-4 lead data is stored and able to be viewed with the same quality. This data is automatically collected from the time the cardiac monitor was turned on until it was off. This data is kept “attached” to the run record.

Electronically link CodeRed Administrator to Administrator MD/BD and your billing associate along with your medical control now sees your reports just as you see them. This allows an instant review and the ability to address Quality Inspection and Quality Assurance issues in a timely fashion. By reducing the redundant paperwork it is both a time and money saving option.

In reality, early acquisition of a 12-lead ECG for all patients with signs and symptoms of Acute Coronary
Syndrome(ACS) is critically important to the success of a pre hospital 12-lead ECG program. CodeRed’s EKG
Rapid Infuser provides the means to achieve success.