CodeRed EMS Training

We do everything with our core values of experience, hard work, and trust.

We believe what takes place before and after the initial CodeRed EMS ePCR setup is just as important as the software itself. That's why along with initial training our staff is always here for any questions you may have. This combined with outstanding support is built around these core values.

Our training staff believe the way to make any transition easier is through preparation. This is achieved with our initial training along with continued help and ongoing support.



Training can be arranged to suit your specific needs.


Want someone to go over something visually with you.


Talk directly to one of our training staff.


Have a 'How To' question? Just send us an email.

What sets us apart

Thought Commitment

MacroLogic, Inc. has been offering high quality software since 1994. In 1998 we expanded our family of products to include Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) systems. These systems follow the same design standards of reliability and value that are the foundation from which all MacroLogic products emerge.


MacroLogic and it's team believe in always providing strait-forward honest information and assistance to our partners.

Diverse Team and Network

We've built our team around the principles of Integrity, Skills, and Commitment.

Focus on Impact

Change, whether it';s gradual or sudden has the potential to be difficult. That's why our focus is on providing our partners the best implementation and most comprehensive training possible to assist in the transition process.

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